The Stunning Beauty of Calido Beach – Serenity and Sand!

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Calido Beach is delightfully located between the sea and the bay of Kalu River, less than an hour away from Colombo and yet still seemingly unspoiled by humankind. There’s plenty of things to see and do here and if you’re in the mood to do neither, well you can idle about all day long as well! Interested in learning more about Calido Beach?

1). History of The Name

Calido Beach gains its name from the Spanish word for warmth and wow, does that fit this beautiful setting! If you’re looking for a Kalutara resort while you tread sand, there are plenty of options like AVANI Kalutara Resort for instance.

2). Lifestyle

Be here on an evening as there’s a gorgeous sunset in front of you and you can witness fishermen bring in their hauls of the day. A truly authentic experience!

3). What to Do

Visit the giant Kalutara Bridge over the Kalu River and also the Kalutara Temple which boasts the world’s largest hollow stupa! If you’re in the mood to not do much, take a stroll along the coconut plantations and inhale some fresh air!

4). The Cuisine on Calido

After a day of walking about, you must be hungry! Sit down on a lounge chair and enjoy some of Sri Lanka’s finest seafood. Fresh, and delicious!

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