The Temple on the Cliff – A Stunning Religious Attraction

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The Uluwatu Temple is a well-known religious attraction in Bali. Many sightseers visit this temple drawn by its stunning location, distinctive architecture and mystical aura.

Spectacular setting

You will see that Uluwatu Temple is situated in a spectacular setting. It is located on a cliff top, at the rim of a plateau with the expanses of the Indian Ocean 250 feet below. When it comes to Bali resorts, an accommodation choice to consider from which this temple would be within easy reach would be Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort.

Religious significance

The Hindus of Bali consider that the divine energies of the deities Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva are united at this temple. Further, it is believed that Uluwatu Temple acts to protect the island of Bali from malevolent spirits of the sea.

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Michelle Maria, Bali, Indonesia Uluwatu Temple – panoramio (3)CC BY 3.0


Uluwatu Temple also inherits an interesting history. According to tradition, the temple was founded by a devout monk who lived many centuries ago. Further, it is believed that a Javanese priest selected Uluwatu Temple as the point of culmination of his spiritual endeavours.

Features and highlights

A well-known feature at this temple is the statue of a Brahmin which faces the sea. You will see that the gates which lead to the temple compound have a number of interesting carvings. Uluwatu beach which is located below the cliff where the temple stands is reputed as a surfing spot too.

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