The Top 5 Things to Do on Brisbane’s South Bank – Enthralling Attractions for the Visitor

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Lachlan Fearnley, Brisbane During Twilight, CC BY-SA 3.0

Walk Along the Arbour

If you enjoy relaxed walks in urban settings you will be in your element in South Bank as the Cultural Precinct and Parklands offer a splendid selection of architecture as well as greenery. Both of these elements are superbly represented in the Arbour, a well-known walkway for pedestrians that stretches for a kilometre.
You will see that the Arbour’s structure, which has won a number of awards, is an eye-catching sight consisting of no less than 443 twisting posts made of steel. These posts are covered with an attractive canopy of colourful bougainvillaea blooms. A steel ribbon extending through the framework provides support so that the walkway may be used in all kinds of weather.
Walking along the Arbour is always a pleasant experience that will appeal to discerning leisure seekers. This walkway extends to the Cultural Forecourt from Vulture Street, passing through a number of South Bank’s attractions as well as plenty of spots where you can buy snacks and drinks.

Enjoy the Seed Project Music

Music enthusiasts visiting Brisbane may take the opportunity to experience the music of some of Brisbane’s most talented upcoming bands at the enjoyable Seed Project. At this musical feature, you will have the chance to experience the music of indie bands who may soon become international favourites.
In fact, the Seed Project is a platform designed for musicians taking part in the Bachelor of Music course of the local Conservatorium. A number of outstanding musicians have emerged from these programmes, such as Wolfmother, The Delta Riggs, Nine Sons of Dan and John Steele Singers.
The Seed Project’s performances are staged in an al fresco setting at Melbourne Street Green and can be enjoyed from the month of June till October. You will find that almost every existing genre of music can be experienced at this remarkable musical showcase. It is always a pleasure to listen to these accomplished musicians sing, fret and strum to entertain the appreciative crowds.

Tour the Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery

The Queensland Art Gallery along with the Gallery of Modern Art may be considered to be one of the treasures of the South Bank. You will see that both of these galleries are contained within a single establishment on the picturesque riverside and have a shared objective of becoming the foremost institution representing the contemporary art of the entirety of Australia, the Pacific and Asia.
Visitors will probably feel that this institution is well on the way to achieving this vision when they experience its selection of more than 16,000 artworks representing a diverse array of historical, contemporary and modern art. These galleries also feature a supplementary series of international as well as Australian exhibitions. Since most of the exhibitions offered by these galleries are free of charge, you will have the opportunity to experience the various artworks and installations without incurring any expense.

Shop at the South Bank Collective Markets

The popular South Bank Collective Markets which were created with the intention of replacing the former South Bank Lifestyle Markets, differs from the earlier markets by being more eco-friendly. However, these markets remain an excellent place to browse through merchandise that is offbeat, eclectic and often offer outstanding bargains.
You will see that these markets are situated at Stanley Street Plaza which is an attractive setting that will appeal to visitors. You will have the opportunity to look through the various stalls where you will find fashion items, classics of yesteryear, arts and crafts, jewellery, furniture and assorted knickknacks.
On the other hand, if you already have plenty of these goods you will still have the chance to enjoy delicious foods at the snack stalls and experience the music of the performers who entertain the visitors. A choice of accommodation to consider from which these markets would be within easy reach would be Oaks Lexicon Apartments which is a conveniently located apartment hotel in Brisbane you can stay at when in the city.

Experience the Nepalese Peace Pagoda

This distinctive edifice which is a remnant of the World Expo ’88 is now regarded as being amongst the most valued attractions of South Bank. This remarkable pagoda from Nepal was brought over to Brisbane as the contribution made by Nepal to the Expo.
This intricate structure is the result of painstaking handcrafting taking as long as two years to complete. As many as 80 tonnes of valuable timber sourced from the forests of Nepal was used by no less than 160 local families to construct this architectural masterpiece.
This pagoda will undoubtedly capture the interest of culture lovers with its ornate workmanship and various features of interest. Today the Peace Pagoda stands within the Southern Parklands, providing a place for quiet contemplation and reflection in the midst of the vibrant activity of the modern city of Brisbane.

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