The Torch Doha (Aspire Tower) – An Architectural Marvel!

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The massive 300metre tall torch shaped structure is one of the most iconic buildings in Doha; the building is a spectacle of modern-day architecture. Read on to know more about this magnificent structure.


The Aspire tower also is known as the Torch Doha was built as an icon for the 15th Asian games which was held in 2006 and was hosted by Qatar. As of now the tower is the tallest structure in Dubai but will soon be surpassed by other buildings for which the constructions are ongoing.

File:Torch tower, Aspire Park, Doha - panoramio (5).jpg
Jaseem Hamza, Torch tower, Aspire Park, Doha – panoramio (5)CC BY 3.0

The architecture

The structure of this iconic building was designed by an architect named Hadi Simaan. He had designed the building as a Hyperboloid structure. The design was inspired by the shape of an Olympic torch which symbolizes sports and other athletic events that takes place in the Asian games.


The structure was constructed using concrete and was reinforced by steel. The exterior of the building was constructed over a period of 15 months and was opened in 2007 with a final cost of approximately 160 million USD.

File:Torch tower, Aspire Park, Doha - panoramio.jpg
Jaseem Hamza, Torch tower, Aspire Park, Doha – panoramioCC BY 3.0

Visiting here

The Torch Doha can be easily accessed by almost all the parts of Doha. It will be easier if you are stationed in any of the resorts in Doha that are located at a close proximity to the tower the likes of Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.

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