The Ultimate Guide to Halal Restaurants in Singapore – Dining Delights in the Lion City

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Singapore is a definite foodie’s paradise, but does it cater to those in search of halal fare? The answer is a definite “yes”! Here are some of the best halal restaurants in Singapore worth trying.

Iamage Credit - Free-Photos Via Pixabay
Iamage Credit – Free-Photos Via Pixabay

Positano Risto

If you love Italian food, then Positano Risto is an ideal choice. Easy to reach if you are staying at a hotel in Farrer Park, Singapore this dining venue is one of the city’s few halal Italian restaurants; it serves authentic dishes from Italy be it mushroom risotto or fettucini accompanied with lobster.

Blue Jasmine

Offering delicious Thai cuisine, Blue Jasmine specialises in bringing the flavours of Thailand to your plate. This halal restaurant at Park Hotel Farrer Park also features dishes influenced by Thai street food and utilises spices and herbs imported from Thailand itself.


If it’s halal burgers you are after, then stop by at FatPapas; it offers some sensational burger options including rather unique ones like ‘The Elvis’, a beef burger with peanut butter and grilled bananas! They even give you the option to “build” your own burger.


When it comes to a Halal buffet, the place to head to is Carousel. Known for its great customer service and delectable spread, this restaurant serves Asian, Mediterranean and Japanese dishes to tempt your taste buds.

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