The value of arts to people and society – Preserving Centuries of talent

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Art is something we see and experience every day. To some, it gives them a form of income and to some it’s simply a form of enjoyment. However, there is so much more to art than what we allow ourselves to see, only if it is perceived in the right way. Arts and Culture are known to have a much wider and measurable impact on several factors.

Paintings | Image Credit : Wassily Kandinsky via Wikimedia Commons

The History of Art

The culture of Sri Lanka is often perceived using factors such as; art, sculptures and architecture. In Sri Lanka, art has played a prominent role from the very beginning of time. The second or third century BC is the time Sri Lankan Art can be traced back to. The remains of the earliest wall paintings were found in various archaeological sites. The Indian influence in Sri Lankan art is plain to see when you visit any Sri Lankan Art Gallery.

Styles of Art

Most of the historic landmarks that you visit in Sri Lanka usually have art on the walls, each a distinct style from another. Depending on the era, art tends to differ. For instance, the central Kandyan art will differ from those in other regions- each an artistic expression on their own.

Social Inclusion

Times have changed drastically in comparison to ancient times. With time, even the style of art and the way in which people understand art has also taken different forms. As important as art is to society, research has shown that engagement with arts and culture increases one’s social participation.

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