The Wadduwa – A gem on Sri Lanka’s Southwest coast


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When in Sri Lanka, an essential experience is to spend some time in the beach paradise of Wadduwa. You will have many exciting activities to chill-out your holiday.

Wadduwa Beach
Wadduwa Beach | Image Credit : Rehman Abubakr, RoughSeas-Wadduwa-June2013, CC BY-SA 4.0


Wadduwa is one of the beautiful tropical cities in Sri Lanka. Located in the south-west coast of the country, it is well-known for its rich cultivation of coconut and as a major producer of vinegar. You can easily reach the country’s capital city from Wadduwa. The golden sandy beaches are perfect for a memorable beach holiday.

Water Sports

One way of exploring this sleepy coastal city is to do some exhilarating water sports activities like windsurfing. If you are visiting Wadduwa with your friends, have a good time playing a Beach Volleyball game. In addition, the sea in Wadduwa is perfect for an amazing boat ride.


Wadduwa is an active fishing village in Sri Lanka! If you wish to soak up the culture and the lifestyles of the fishermen, you can consider staying at one of the many Sri Lanka beach resorts in the area, like Blue Water Club Suites.

Things to do

If you are not interested in water sports activities, heading to nearby Bentota to visit the famous Brief Garden is recommended. This garden is a must-see attraction for those who are interested in landscape design. Moreover, you can visit the sacred Kalutara Bodhiya to know more about its rich history and religious roots.

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