The White Dunes in Mui Ne – Experience one of Vietnam’s Most Surreal Locations


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Vietnam has a range of locales that might truly take your breath away, and one of the most acclaimed of these places is a landscape featuring powdery sand dunes.

Dunes in Vietnam?

Many associate Vietnam with rainforest, but astonishingly, there are multiple places in the country where the forest gives way to desert. The white sand dunes are found in one such place, and it’s definitely a place you should consider visiting.

File:Mui Ne - White sanddunes.JPG
Chris BlackheadMui Ne – White sanddunesCC BY-SA 3.0

The Scene

The sand dunes composed of an area of pristine desert and attract countless people every year due to its unreal nature. It’s probably impossible for anyone to truly expect or prepare for the sight of barren desert within a country famous for the thick jungle.

Getting There

The sand dunes are just 20km away from the town of Phan Thiet, and quite close to most Vietnam beach resorts in Mui Ne, such as Anantara Mui Ne Resort. If you’re staying at a place such as this the resort will most likely arrange an excursion for you.

Now showing Photo, Couple walking on the red sand dunes
Image Credit: Anantara Mui Ne Resort


The dunes can get quite crowded during sunsets, and even in the mornings since these are the ‘prime-time’ hours. If you wish to avoid the hordes, then an ideal time to visit would be during the afternoon.

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