Things to consider when choosing your wedding car – For a smooth drive towards your big day

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Every part of preparing for a wedding can be demanding and stressful since a flawless big day is significant to any couple. Transport for the bride and groom is no exemption. Here are a few helpful guidelines to follow;

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Check the times
Contemplate on exactly what times you will be requiring transport and the duration for which you will need it when it comes to selecting Sri Lanka car rental. In Sri Lanka, most ceremonies are likely to be arranged for morning hours, so, transport will be necessary for the morning to get to the church/reception hall.

Match the theme
Make sure your wedding car is in line with the theme of your wedding. The fad in the present-day is vintage cars. You might find a fitting package from car rentals like Malkey Rent a Car.

Chauffeuring services
Make it a point to inquire with your car rental company if they can offer a chauffeur and how the price might be. If it is within your budget, this could save you the trouble of looking for a driver or getting family or friends involved.

Check the availability
Bear in mind that wedding car companies too may receive bookings well in advance. Therefore, it is always better to move your wedding transport to the top of your checklist when you’ve come across a firm that supplies to your necessity.

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