Things to Do in Chanthaburi – unravel a different side of Thailand

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Rather than the typical city experience in Thailand, why go for something out of the ordinary and discover eastern Thailand instead? Chanthaburi sure has a lot to offer! Given below are a few things you might find intriguing to get your wander senses tingling.


A multicultural community

Known as the Chanthaboon Waterfront Community which is 300 years old is a winner of the Asia-Pacific Heritage Award by UNESCO. Age-old buildings line the alleyways here, what was once used as a dwelling is now converted in shops or even cafes and many a Chanthaburi restaurant. The graffiti you will see on the walls as you walk by depicting the various cultures that exist here.

Khao Khitchakut National Park

The passage is open to the public only from January to March. Locals are usually able to endure the harsh climb towards the Buddha footprint, here they worship and jot down wishes on red cloth. Besides this religious attraction, the park offers many natural ones as well.

Phliu Waterfall

Residing at in a hotel nearby, perhaps the likes of Chatrium Golf Resort Soidao would be a good experience. But what’s even better is discovering this 3-tiered waterfall with crystal clear fresh waters which is sure to take your breath away!

King Taksin Shrine

See for yourself how locals admire this hero of the past! The architecture certainly stands out with the roof of the shrine shaped like the helmet of this prominent king.

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