Things to do in Sri Lanka – Have a memorable stay in Sri Lanka


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Sri Lanka has much to offer when it comes to one-of-a-kind experiences! It’s not just the beaches, but the hospitality, culture and history that are intriguing to travellers coming in. Be it a relaxing holiday or an adventurous one, Sri Lanka can satisfy both these expectations. Here are a few things that are an absolute must in your things-to-do list in Sri Lanka.


Riding the waves of Arugam Bay

If you are the surfer type, you’ll find that the waves at Arugam Bay curl to perfection! It’s the type of waters that are suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. For the best Arugam Bay experience, visit Peanut Beach and try your luck at conquering the waves while enjoying the brilliant view around.

Travel by train

One of the best experiences in Sri Lanka is the train ride. It is best to take a train which takes the hill country route. If you are travelling in a non-air-conditioned carriage, open that window, sit back, and take in the beauty of Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Hatton. You will find that the train passes through tea plantations, mountain paths and rural villages. You might even spot a few mini waterfalls here and there.

Clamber up Sigiriya rock

Reaching a height of 200 meters, Sigiriya is also called The Lion Rock. This is because of the massive lion paws that are carved out at the entrance of the stairway that reaches the top. In the 1600s, King Kasyapa built his stunning palace atop this magnificent rock. All that remains now are the ruins of the palace and the lovely garden with its ponds. It would be easy to opt for holiday packages in Sri Lanka to visit Sigiriya rock.

The elephant reunion

Travelling from all parts of the central province in Sri Lanka, over 300 elephants gather at Minneriya. It is said to be the largest elephant gathering in Asia. This occurs from July to October. Witness these gentle mammals taking their baths in the Minneriya wewa and munching on their favourite green delicacies at Minneriya National Park. Try out tours with agencies like Holidays by Design, for example, to explore more of the island.

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