Tips for Corporate Travellers in Tianjin– How to Make Your Business Trip More Effective

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If you are planning to embark on a business tour in Tianjin, you will have to plan and prepare well for sure. There are plenty of things to take into consideration when you are travelling in this bustling city.


Preparing to travel

You will have to obtain a visa to travel to China from the Chinese Embassy or the Consulate located in your home country. This process can take some time so plan well ahead. You can get the help of travel agents in order to get your visa without a hassle.


Booking your hotel

Be sure to book corporate apartments in Tianjin that are located in close proximity to the CBD. You will be able to travel around with great ease and enjoy a fruitful business meeting this way. Look for hotels that offer meeting room facilities and secretarial services so you will be able to enjoy great convenience. Places like Ascott TEDA MSD Tianjin are great options to consider in the city.


How to travel in the city

Taxis can be booked with great ease from the hotel. The taxi is an efficient way to travel around the city when you are short of time.


Overcoming problems with communication

Communicating with the locals can be rather tricky for those who are not fluent in Mandarin. You will need the help of a good translator if you need to communicate with locals in an effective way.

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