Top Attractions in Port Villa, Vanuatu – How to experience Port Vila

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Port Villa is a small-town overflowing with life and wondrous hospitality! The streets might be a little bit traffic prone, nevertheless, the area is still worth exploring! Here are a few places to visit on your journey here.

Erakor Island Resort
Erakor Island Resort | Image Credit : Phillip Capper from Wellington, New Zealand, Erakor Island Resort, Efate, Vanuatu, 29 Nov. 2006 – Flickr – PhillipC, CC BY 2.0

National Museum of Vanuatu

Located just opposite the parliament, this is a traditional building which is a 5-minute drive away from hotels like Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu. There are a few interesting artefacts on display here including a tamtam, ceremonial headdresses and shell jewellery.

Mele Cascades

If you feel like venturing into the wild for a nice, refreshing bath in a natural pool, Mele Cascades is the place to be! With an impressive 35m waterfall to add to the beauty of the surroundings, the place boasts a series of clear water pools.

Erakor Island

This is one of the most exotic resort islands in Port Vila. The island is blessed with sun-kissed beaches and waters that are perfect for snorkelling and kayaking. Enjoy the local food too at restaurants here. A visit to the island would make a perfect day trip.

Secret Garden

Situated close to many of the best hotels in Vanuatu, the place has some of the most amazing flora and fauna in Vanuatu. Do visit and experience nature to the fullest here.

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