Top Restaurants in Tioman – A feast to look forward to

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The island of Tioman is known for a lot of things, mostly the number of amazing restaurants it boasts. There are plenty of international and local culinary delicacies on offer at these restaurants. Below is a list of some of these!

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Tioman Cabana Bistro and Tour

You’ll find this restaurant close to several Tioman Island resorts. This is a small bed and breakfast facility which served great food. Although the menu isn’t extremely extensive, you have choices of western dishes and different fruit juice options.

Hijau Restaurant

Famous for serving Indian, Chinese and Seafood items, Hijau restaurant is one of the renowned restaurants in Tioman Island. The best part about this restaurant is that it isn’t too pricey, so if you’re on a budget, you can still enjoy a hearty meal. Step out of Berjaya Tioman Resort and look for this restaurant!

Santai Bistro

This is mainly a bar but also serves delicious meals along with a distinct taste of beer. The food you’ll find here is primarily Malaysian dishes. This restaurant is found close to the jetty and the atmosphere of the restaurant is ideal, with classic rock playing all day, giving visitors a nice experience.

ABCD Restaurant

If you’re craving Malaysian styled barbeque meals for affordable rates, then you must visit ABCD restaurant. Freshly cooked meals attract visitors from around the globe!.

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