Travel Guide to Doha – Experiencing the culture of Qatar

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The great big gleaming buildings, the shallow ocean waters, creeks, and walkways, yes this refers to none other than Doha. This is definitely a favourite among tourists, get down to exploring the amazing sights here.


Museum of Islamic Arts

This museum is a bus ride away, located next to Doha Port. This uncommonly designed building is the main museum in the country. Within it are ancient exhibits that display the culture of Muslim dynasties from Africa, Asia, and Europe. The building is well air-conditioned and has two stories filled with items on permanent display and another story with those on temporary display.

Souq Waqif

The souq is a remodelled market space where one can wander in the maze-like corridors filled with a whole lot of small shops. Here you can find almost anything from Arabian spices to animal shops in case you are interested in getting a camel! This is a wonderful place to get your souvenirs or grab a small bite to eat.

Festival visits

If you happen to be in Doha with a few nights stay at Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel or any other Souq Waqif Hotels, during festivals like Ramadan or Eid, step into the Heritage Village. Here you will see traditional Qatari houses. By the street, you get pearl trade and weaving, moreover, you may be able to spot a traditional boat called “dhow”.

More things to do

If you fancy horse racing visits Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club, races are usually held during winter. However, gambling is considered illicit, although, you are free to guess the winning horse for free with grand prizes to win. Located near north of the Cornish, visit Doha City Centre to satisfy all your shopping needs. Up for a game of golf? Then visit the Doha Golf Club, this is the only golf club opened to the public. For a leisurely stroll and fun with kids, visit Aspire Park with plenty of greenery and play areas.

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