Travel Tips to Vietnam – Travelling to an enchanted destination!

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A land spellbinding natural beauty and which offers countless exciting things to do; Vietnam is a south East Asian nation and one of the most sought over tourist destinations. Read on to know some useful tips which will make your tour to Vietnam easier.


Use the e visa

Vietnam of one of the few countries in Southeast Asia that has started to offer e visa to its tourists and many who travel to Vietnam doesn’t know this. It only costs $25 and will be available within three working days.

The best time to visit

Summer in Vietnam can be insanely hot while most of the tourists avoid this season, we suggest that this is the best time around the year to visit if you are trying to avoid the crowds and need to taste the best selection of tropical fruits. One thing you can do is to head out to the hilly regions where you can beat the summer heat.

Don’t drink tap water!

Drinking water from Vietnam is a pretty risky thing to do since most of the fresh water sources in the country are contaminated with pollutants and aren’t properly filtered to make it safe for consumption. You can buy water bottles anywhere but when buying check whether it is properly sealed.

Uber and Ubermoto

Be extra cautious when you book taxies since many of the taxi drivers will try to scam you. use trusted booking apps such as Uber or Ubermoto which is more convenient, safe and affordable than booking a conventional taxi.

Try planning your stay at an apartment

If you are planning for a longer stay in Vietnam we recommend that you should consider staying at a serviced apartment. Ho Chi Minh city offers you best accommodation options the likes of Sedona Suite Ho Chi Minh City which will offer you unparalleled convenience and comfort and complete privacy when comparitng to a hotel.

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