Travel to Many Countries as Possible – Travel Like Pro!

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Travelling the world is a dream or goal many people have. Read on to find out how you can globe trot like a pro and visit as many countries as possible!


Book a Cruise

Booking yourself on to a cruise is a very affordable and easy way to visit a series of countries in quick succession. Especially ones which are hard to visit independently unless you are flying in for a resort style vacation. Remember anything under $50 per person for a night is a bargain when it comes to cruises.

Try Travelling Overland

While travelling on land might be considerably slower, it’s a great way to see more countries than you would when flying. Travelling by car or taking a train allows you to actually take in the sights rather than just whizzing through.

Fly via a country instead of taking a direct flight

Do your research on interesting stopovers and take the time out to explore them for a few hours. Non – direct flight tickets also happen to be much cheaper!

Explore Europe

Europe is made up of over 50 countries, all located in close proximity, giving you the perfect opportunity to visit as many places as possible. Small principalities and cities such as San Marino and the Vatican City, for example, all sit within Italy. Travellers would not have to worry too much about accommodation either as there are many hotels and resorts by many an international hotel group including the likes of Minor Hotels to choose from.

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