Trekking Volcanoes in Bali – The Mighty 3

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Trekking is an adventure, and volcano trekking is not for the weak. When in Bali, you have 3 volcanic mountains to explore.

Mount Batur

TropicaLivingMount batur and lakeCC BY-SA 3.0

The easier climb of the three mountains, Mount Batur will be on any avid trekker’s list of Bali recreational activities. Organized tours are also available if you are staying at places like Bali International Convention Centre, and if you are a lone wolf, that is allowed too. This is one of the most active volcanoes in Bali, so make sure you check for safety before you begin your adventure.

Mount Agung

This mountain has Bali’s highest point and stands a mighty 9,950 feet tall. The trek to the top begins at the temple stairs at 2.30am and after about a 3 hour walk, you will reach the summit just in time to watch a magical sunrise.

Mount Rinjani


The toughest of the three, this mountain trek takes 2 nights and 2 days. Day one will have you walking from the National Park to the rim of the volcano and into the jungle. Day 2 will be spent exploring the intimidating crater and day 3 is when you will reach the summit in time for sunrise. From the peak, your view will consist of Lombok, the Gili Islands, and Bali just as the sun rises over the horizon.

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