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An urban city like no other with many man-made wonders to marvel at is exactly how Dubai can be summed up! For those who wish to explore its beauty, here are a few things to remember;

Image by giggel, Dubai – Palm Jumeirah und Dubai Marina – النخلة جميرا ومرسى دبي – panoramio, CC BY 3.0


Summertime in Dubai is usually very hot with temperatures starting from 40ºC and rising beyond rarely dropping to 30ºC. The air feels dense and humid as well. Winters in Dubai have temperatures only as low as 23ºC sometimes dropping to 14ºC. Overall, the weather is just nice in Dubai.


There are many options for lodging in the city. When it comes to hotels in Dubai Deira, there are a few boutique hotels and hotels such as AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel.

Getting around

People would usually take a taxi if their destination is a short distance away, maybe from the mall to your hotel. Bus travel is available too. Traffic is a major issue in Dubai, in that case, the state-of-the-art metro is your solution!

Things to remember

Since the weather is hot remember to pack light clothing. There are also some places where photography is not allowed therefore look out for signs. Also, the minimum drinking age is 21.


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