Ultimate Guide to Stunning Desert Photography – Sand in your toes!

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To most of us, a desert is just an endless heap of sand that lacks anything of beauty! A keen eye can spot an interesting variety of plants, animals, and geology in a desert to capture amazing photographs.

Oman Desert
Oman Desert | Image Credit : Andries Oudshoorn, Wahiba Sands (5), CC BY-SA 2.0

Open your eyes and mind

Needless to say, deserts are full of rich subjects for photographs. If you are new to these desolate locations, it will take some time to spot eye-catching locations or sceneries. It’s better to get started with keeping some of the composition strategies found in a desert.

Be nocturnal

Photographers are often on the hunt for perfect natural light. To that end, photographs captured in a desert at night will undoubtedly catch one’s mind since starts seen from an empty desert always shine brightly. Try spending some nights at a hotel in Oman the likes of Desert Nights Camp which will provide an ideal base for your desert photography adventure with breathtaking craggy mountains, crystalline wadis, and endless sand dunes.

Be prepared

It is always better to select the right time to visit a desert based on your temperature tolerance. Being well equipped with essential supplies and water is imperative when setting out into the sands. Even if you are shooting when the sun is down, be mindful that you are physically prepared.

The desert awaits you!

Not many photographers are able to capture the beauty of a desert because it doesn’t seem like the perfect location for a photo shoot at first. Therefore, take some time to observe the location and you’ll definitely find an abundance of stunning locations to capture some of the best photographs.

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