Unique things to do in Dubai – one for the books!

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Often considered to be more than meets the eye, Dubai is a city of extravagance. From locations to experiences and so on. Want to know some of the most unique things to do in Dubai?

Image by Tim.Reckmann, Dubai skyline 2015 (crop), CC BY-SA 3.0

1) Explore the souks

One of the most popular things to do in Deira Dubai would be to explore the souks. It is a must do activity and quite a rewarding one at that. Best to head out as early as possible, be a part of the crowd as you walk along and check out the various spices and gold on offer.

2) Give falconry a try

What was once a traditional practice in Dubai is now a must try activity amongst tourists. You’ll learn a lot about these beautiful birds and how to handle them. It is such an important part of their history that is now a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Item.

3) Visit the fishing town of Al Bastakiya

Before Dubai became what it is today, it was once a small area of scattered fishing villages. Still standing the test of time, you can check out the buildings and even the museum to learn more about it.

4) Walk through the Dubai Miracle Garden

If you’re staying at a hotel in Deira, like the AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel, for example, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a mere taxi ride away. This is an iconic garden that sits right within the city. Visit the location early morning to make the most of it.


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