Vietnamese Hot Pot – A Whole New Way to Enjoy Food!

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The Vietnamese hot pot is the ideal option if you are looking for a unique and exciting dining experience! But… what is exactly a hot pot? If you wish to know the answer just keep on reading.

What is “Hot Pot”?

Hot pot is a unique style of cooking food that has originated in China. This practice involves cooking thinly sliced pieces of meat and vegetables in a boiling pot of broth (the hot pot) and eating it then and there. Basically, the idea of Hot Pot is to let a group of people enjoy a healthy and hearty meal along with the joy of preparing it by themselves.

The difference between Vietnamese Hot pot and the Chinese version

Though this cooking style originated in China the Vietnamese version is much lighter and simple in terms of flavours and the types of dipping sauces and other condiments for the dish. The Chinese version is more has a more complex flavour to it and it sometimes tends to lessen the natural flavours of the ingredients whereas Vietnamese hot pot preserves the fresh and decadent taste of its ingredients.

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The hot pot set up

this cooking style has been designed to let groups of two or more people dine at once and the hot pot is usually set up in the middle of a large table. The broth will be kept boiling and there will be dishes filled with different kinds of meat and vegetables around it along with a variety of dipping sauces and condiments.

Where to enjoy hot pot

You can find hot pots served in many eateries across Vietnam’s popular tourist destinations. High-end Mui Ne restaurants like the ones that are in resorts such as Anantara Mui Ne Resort too serve this dish so if you are planning your stay at any of these resorts you can this experience during the course of your stay.

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