Visit Centre Place that is filled with stunning arts – Explore a bustling precinct!

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Melbourne is known for its laneways and commuter precincts that one can walk about freely in without worrying about vehicles! But Centre Place in the Central Business District is probably the most iconic of them all. Interested to learn more about Centre Place in Melbourne?

Image credit- Haydn Curtis from New Zealand, Centre Place tags MelbourneCC BY 2.0

1). Where Is It

Located within the Hoddle Grid, Centre Place runs from Flinders Lane to Collins Street in between Elizabeth and Swanston Street. If you’re looking for Collins street hotels, there are several places to consider like Oaks On Collins for instance.

2). History of It

Initially, the street ran around warehouses in the 1890s and was called Cummings Alley before being connected to Collins Street in 1915 and being renamed Centre Court. In the 1980s the government realised the importance of laneways and brought in boutiques and cafes to these laneways.

3). What Does It Have

Countless bars that are popping, cafes, boutiques, restaurants and excellent street art. The precinct attracts hundreds of people every day who Instagram the location due to its aesthetics. It serves as a hangout spot, a muse and also therapy for those looking for that of the retail kind.

4). For the art lovers

It is also a great place for those who appreciate art to hang out. There’s a whole alley full of graffiti art, vibrant and colourful. Making a statement indeed!

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