Visit the Bundoora Dam – A Captivating Sightseeing Attraction

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The picturesque Bundoora Dam will undoubtedly capture the imagination of those who love the outdoors. If you are visiting the MacKay region, take the opportunity to experience this appealing local attraction.


The attractive Bundoora Dam is situated about 28 km to the south-west from the town of Middlemount. You will see that this striking manmade creation has been constructed at German Creek. If you would be interested in Middlemount service apartments a choice of accommodation to consider from which Bundoora Dam would be within convenient reach would be Oaks Middlemount.


You will find that the environs of Bundoora Dam would be a great locality for camping which will be an interesting option at this attraction. You will find tables as well as other public amenities here for the benefit of campers.


This location will be a great environment for fishing enthusiasts as they will encounter many kinds of interesting fish here, including golden perch, saratoga, sleepy cod, eel-tail catfish, redclaw crayfish and spangled perch.

Other activities

You will also find many other enjoyable activities to engage in at Bundoora Dam, including boating, water skiing and swimming. Many visitors who visit this appealing dam take the opportunity to involve themselves in activities such as these.

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