Visit the Maktar – An Icon of Tunisia’s Largest City


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Tunisia is a nation that is rich in historical magnificence and is situated in Northwest Africa. The ancient town of Maktar is one of the nation’s most iconic heritage sites and an essential experience.

Image Credit- Mehdi Ben GharbiaArc de Trajan, MaktharCC BY-SA 3.0

The Beginning

This ancient settlement was founded by Numidians during the 3rd century BC. It was built to serve as a fortress and regulate trade routes between El Kef, Sbeitla, and Kairouan.

The Entrance

In order to reach Maktar, one has to go through the museum which is situated there. Within the museum, you can discover some very interesting mosaics from ancient times as well as some fascinating Roman-Christian gravestones.

Trajan’s Forum

Trajan was a Roman emperor who earned a reputation for a being a prolific builder. This spectacular gathering place was built by his command to serve as a symposium for the Roman population. You can also find the massive Trajan’s Arch at this location.

Pre-Roman Structures

Amazingly there are structures here that predate the Roman constructions and several of them are enigmatic megalithic structures that are involved in the burial of ashen remains. A temple that was believed to have been built around 100BC was also discovered, making this place one of the best attractions to visit if you’re vacationing in nearby Tunis accommodation along the likes of The Residence Tunis by Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts.

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