Visit the Mnemba Island – The Highly Protected Jewel of the Zanzibar Archipelago

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Just about three kilometres off the coast of Ungujua is the forested triangular formation of the nation’s most iconic island. Access to the island, however, is highly restricted and expensive.

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The island is famous for its massive coral reef that measures seven by four kilometres that have been declared as protected marine conservation sites.

Resident Species

Since fishing is absolutely forbidden around the island’s waters, you will easily discover high volumes of life around most areas of the reef. The host of marine life to be found in this area include Moorish idols, clownfish, and snappers. Larger species such as endangered sea turtle, dolphins, and whale sharks can be found during certain times and conditions.


The reef has been divided into four distinct habitats and you can discover a unique mix of marine life in each of these areas. If you visit during the period of July to September you can even discover Humpback Whales.


The island is privately owned, and overnight stays can cost up to $1600 per person per night. If you’re staying at one of many choices of Zanzibar accommodation nearby, such as The Residence Zanzibar, you could opt for a day tour which costs around $40.

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