Wadi Darbat of Oman – A Spring and Mountain Lover’s Paradise

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Oman’s Wadi Darbat is one of the most beautiful places that the country has to offer.
Filled with lush mountains and a serene spring it becomes busy during the autumn season.

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Juozas ŠalnaWadi Dirbat 2CC BY 2.0

Where to park

If you’re visiting Wadi Darbat during Khareef season (southeastern monsoon) you’ll find it extremely difficult to find parking near the spring area. The better alternative would be to park before the springs on either side of the road which offers ample parking. Since the weather is nice and cold during this season you can enjoy a pleasant walk to reach the springs.

Boat Rides

Taking a boat ride while visiting the Wadi Darbat is one of the most common activities that tourists staying at one of the Salalah hotels similar to that of Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara engage in. Visitors have the option of choosing between a powerboat or a paddle boat; both of which have the capacity to accommodate 2 people.

A nature lover’s eutopia

The valley of Wadi Darbat is made up lots of lush green trees and a magnificent lake. The stunning scenery, wide sprawling grass fields which are inhabited by animals like camels, cows and the plantation is what makes it the ideal place for a family trip.

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https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/Wadi Darbat 5CC BY-SA 2.0


There are many shops at Wadi Darbat where you purchase a snack or grab a meal. But the best thing to do while visiting this area is having an outdoor barbeque. Setting it up is easy and the view offered is brilliant.

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