Wandering Around Colombo – A City Full of Life

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Allocate an entire day to explore Colombo when you’re in Sri Lanka, as there is a mix of things for you to do and see. Here are a few suggestions you can add to your day’s itinerary in Colombo.

Gangaramaya Temple

Known as one of the most important temples in Colombo, a visit to Gangaramaya is a must. Not only is this a temple, but it’s also a popular tourist attraction with half of its space cluttered with old and important artefacts. Close to the temple, you can also visit the small Buddhist temple on the lake; Seema Malaka.

AKS.9955Seema Malaka side viewCC BY-SA 4.0

Galle Face Green

A strip of narrow beach facing the sea, this promenade is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. Close to several beach hotels in Colombo, you’ll spot families, couples and little children enjoying their time here. If you get hungry, food vendors are always available!

Colombo - Galle Face.jpg
Mayakaru at English WikipediaColombo – Galle FaceCC BY 3.0

National Museum

You’ll encounter art, carvings and other artefacts that date back as far as 1877. 30 minutes from Berjaya Hotel Colombo is where you’ll find the National Museum, for an insight into the rich and interesting history of the tiny island of Sri Lanka.

Photo taken by me, National Museum of ColomboCC BY-SA 3.0

Geoffrey Bawa House

The house of renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa, where he lived from 1960 to 1970 is open for a visit. You may have to book in advance to witness this piece of architecture representing everything the architect had a strong passion for.

File:Lunuganga, Bentota, Sri Lanka. Interieur 1..jpg
LabeetLunuganga, Bentota, Sri Lanka. Interieur 1.CC BY-SA 3.0

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