Wat Koh Tham Temple – A Tranquil Place of Worship

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Thailand is quite famous for its beautiful temples and culturally-oriented structures. One of the most peculiar and fascinating of these is Wat Koh Tham Temple.

File:Koh Phangan, Thailand-WatKhaoTam.JPG
Леонид КаратасковKoh Phangan, Thailand-WatKhaoTamCC BY-SA 3.0

‘Wat’ is it?

It is a humble place of worship that welcomes visitors from any walk of life. Unlike most Buddhist temples, Wat Koh Tham doesn’t have living quarters for monks, which is not the norm since many believe this to be a hallmark of any temple.

Activities at the Temple

Wat Koh Tham is a place of worship, and you can discover chanting and meditation taking place every morning as well as during the evenings. All visitors are welcome to join in these sessions. If you’re staying at a nearby Koh Phangan resort the likes of Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas then consider visiting this place.

File:Koh Phangan, Thailand-WatKhaoTam (2).JPG
Леонид КаратасковKoh Phangan, Thailand-WatKhaoTam (2)CC BY-SA 3.0

The Scenery

There’s a spectacular canopy of trees that provide shade from the hot tropical sun throughout the surrounding area. You can also find certain students practicing seven days of silence.

The Cave and the Viewpoint

If you ever visit Wat Koh Tham Temple, then be sure not to miss out on exploring these two places. The cave is a fascinating natural formation near the temple, and the viewpoint offers incredible views of Koh Phangan, and ideal photo-opportunities for travellers.

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