Whale Watching in Mirissa, Sri Lanka – Witnessing the Giants of the Ocean

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Tucked away along Sri Lanka’s southern coast, the town of Mirissa has become one of the most popular places in the world to spot the gentle giants of the deep.

Whale Watching in Mirissa| Img by: kwan kwan via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Whale Watching Hotspot

Dondra Point in Mirissa has become a key destination on Sri Lanka wildlife tours since it is a hotspot for whale watching. One of the main reasons for this is because the waters around Mirissa are on the migratory route for whales as they are drawn to the Indian Ocean’s warm waters mainly for breeding.

Types of Whales

When it comes to whale watching organised by wildlife specialists like Cinnamon Nature Trails, one has a good chance of seeing the largest animal to have lived on earth, the magnificent blue whale. On your adventures, you may see sperm, Bryde’s and fin whales too.

Other Marine Species

Whales are not the only creatures you can see on such excursions. One may even witness friendly dolphin species in the water be it the common, spinner or bottlenose varieties. Keep a look out since you may catch a glimpse of turtles or flying fish too!

The Whale Season

Generally, the months between November and April are considered the best period for spotting whales in Mirissa. Such excursions usually set off from Mirissa Harbour early in the morning and last for around two to four hours. Do remember to bring your cameras!



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