What Really Matters Most to Hotel Guests – Attributes of the Most Successful Hotels

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Regardless of whether it’s a luxury hotel, mid-range resort or even a budget motel, the success of any accommodation provider depends on series of universal factors.


Engaged Customers

Research has indicated that the customers who have an emotional connection to the brand are a lot more likely to spend more and simultaneously be more satisfied with their place of accommodation. Luxury travellers are most engaged because their hotels go the extra mile to ensure their needs are met.

Responsive Employees

Employees who seem actively concerned with the needs of customers will result in customer-loyalty. One of the simplest ways to increase customer loyalty is by helping them as much as they can to solve problems that might arise.

The Right Amenities

Luxury guests staying at luxurious hotel brands along the likes of Minor Hotels would tell you that what they value the most are comfortable beds, responsive staff, and in-room dining. If you think about it, these aren’t features exclusive to the most elite providers of accommodation, even a bed-and-breakfast lodge can utilise these factors.

Creating Lifelong Customers

The key to doing this is by ensuring they have a positive experience during the first stay. Customers are quite likely to remain loyal if they have a bad experience or two down the line, but more or less never if they have a bad experience during the first time at a place.

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