What’s weird about Oman? Here are 5 Facts! Read up before you visit!

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With a population of about 4.6 million, Oman is an Arabic speaking country with a monarch type government body. Here are a few weird facts about the country worth knowing before you take a trip there.

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Indirect communication

The people of Oman are rather indirect when it comes to voicing their opinion. They would rather say “a tea would be great in this hot weather” than – “could I have some tea please?” If you are staying in an Oman luxury hotel, such as the Alila Jabal Akhdar, you can easily observe how they speak and address people for hints

Cover up!

Women specifically need to cover up their arms, legs and head. Men just need to avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts.


The fact that Oman is a Muslim country, public display of affection is no-no! some gestures are even considered punishable by law. So, if traveling with your loved one, ensure not to hold hands when walking!

Careful with photo taking

Although taking pictures is not illegal, you must do it with caution. For example, taking random photos of the public is not allowed, so tread carefully.

Use your right hand

In Oman, the left hand is considered unclean and taboo. So, ensure that you do things with your right hand. Be it giving or receiving things from people and even eating, ensure it is done with the right hand.

Be cautious when smiling

Smiling at the opposite sex is considered cheeky and could be misunderstood. Better to avoid altogether!




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