Why Doha Qatar is a Tourist Paradise – A City of grandeur and splendour!

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Impressive skyline fast cars and a luxurious lifestyle this what you’ll get to see when you are in Doha. It is a country of billionaires and highlife; a hub of one of Asia’s most dynamic economies. Read on to know why Doha is a paradise for tourists

Viggilio shopping mall #doha| Img by: Jadi via FlickrCC BY 2.0

Doha is one of the best shopping destinations in the world

The Qataris loved to shop and the habit is instilled in their blood. Doha is filled with expansive malls and boutique shops. You can find almost anything ranging from clothes from international brands, electronic goods and so much more.

It is an emerging metropolis

The city is developing at an astonishing speed. Skyscrapers expansive complexes residential apartments all are being built at a rate you can only imagine. The city has been also selected as the venue to host the football world cup in 2022 and in order to accommodate and impress the guests who will be arriving here, several new development projects have been commenced and are being preceded at an astounding pace.

Doha is a cultural hub

Qataris distinctive culture and traditions are valued across the cities of the great nation and Doha is of no exception. Many cultural events and festivals are celebrated in a grand and traditional way. Upon visiting Doha at the right time you can witness these events and you will definitely be overjoyed by witnessing them.

Plenty of sunshine and plenty of activities to engage in

The Sunkissed land is full of surprises and visitors can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities when they visit here. You can engage in Desert safaris, go for sailing kayaking and even golf. If you don’t like the sun very much you can indulge yourself in luxurious comforts by staying at a Boutique Hotel in Doha the likes of Najd Boutique Hotel which will also be a fun thing to do.



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