Why travel to Oman this Vacation – Surprise yourself!

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Oman is a beautiful land of both antiquities and of contrasts that is beaming with natural riches. It is an ideal vacation destination for many reasons. Want to know more about why you should visit Oman?

Sumhurum| Img via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0

1) Midnight walks with turtles

This is an experience unlike any other. When you visit the Ras al-Jinz Turtle Centre that was established in 1996 as a turtle reserve, you can learn various details about these majestic creatures. The centre features intimate encounters via the five different species of sea turtles that use the sheltered beaches to nest and hatch.

2) Travel back in time at Sumhurum

While the desert generally adds a visage of timelessness to all the architecture and its surroundings, there are actual structures present in southern Oman that go back to hundreds and thousands of years. An iconic one would be the excavated remains of the historic port at Khor Rori which dates back to the 2nd Century BCE.

3) Stay in the desert

While you can easily get a hotel in Oman, you should consider experiencing the land firsthand by staying in the desert. You’ll come across various places offering different kinds of accommodation in the desert like the Desert Nights Camp for example. This offers a truly personal and unique experience.

4) Inhale the perfume of heaven

Perfumery is well established and traditional art in Oman. To experience this, try visiting the Amouage Perfume Factory while boasts various exotic and desirable fragrances.



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