Why Ubud is awesome – the harmony of a place that embraces nature

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Of course, any place in Bali is awesome, in fact, the areas can all be classed as a paradise from the scenery right down to the accommodation. Ubud is a part of this nirvana too, and that’s why as you read on, you will find out what makes Ubud stand out!

Gunung Kawi

Image Credit- Michael GuntherKings Tombs, Gunung Kawi, Bali 1631CC BY-SA 4.0

Surrounded by a mass of trees is by the river Pakerisan is a stone temple. The inscription on the wall reads “Objek Wisata Gunung Kawi” which means that it was a king who built the temple in this lovely location. The rice fields that encircle the path to the temple only adds to its beauty! The temple is one of the 15 best-preserved candies in Bali and is definitely worth your time!

Tegenungan Waterfall

Gushing over the huge slimy black rocks is a veil of milky white water that plunges into a bluish green pool at the bottom. This spot has become quite popular with tourists too. The earlier you visit the better as it may get a little crowded during the day. It is the ideal place to capture some stunning photographs by the waterfall.

Campuhan Ridge walk

Filled with masses of leafy greens on either side this stone pathway called ‘Campuhan Ridge walk’ takes you on a journey of a picturesque environment. The view of the lush rice fields changing into various shades of green while dancing in the breeze is simply amazing! If one is in need of some quiet time, well, taking a walk down this path could help calm your mind!

Things to know

If you plan on visiting this blissful haven, here are a few tips that may help. Accommodation in Ubud is not hard to come by, select from hotels like Alila Ubud Bali which have all-around scenic views and amenities to satisfy your whims and fancies when on holiday in Ubud. Hotel offers may be available on early bookings. The best way to explore the beauty of Ubud is by scooter, so try to rent one out for your adventures.

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