Why Ubud is So Popular Amongst Tourists – An Adventure of a Lifetime

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Set amidst an enchanting countryside and lush greenery, Ubud has become the centre for culture and traditional arts in Bali. Here are some reasons why this charming locale is such a tourist hotspot.

Arts & Crafts Abound

Central Ubud is a quite fascinating place to explore and is home to art galleries, artist workshops, arts & crafts centres and delightful little cafes. If you are staying at a nearby Ubud, Bali resort or hotel, make sure to visit the Ubud Art Market featuring all manner of hand-crafted items as well as batik clothing and souvenirs.

Artisan crafting from wood.JPG
Rudolph.A.furtadoArtisan crafting from woodCC0 1.0

Wellness Retreat

This part of Bali has also become popular for those in search of holistic healing. One will find many ashrams and yoga studios here, while properties like Alila Ubud have their own spas offering a range of all-natural treatments and traditional Asian wellness therapies.

Image Credit: Alila Ubud

Cultural Discoveries

Travellers interested in culture are drawn to some of Ubud’s key attractions including the ancient Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), the Ubud Royal Palace and the stunning Pura Taman Saraswati Temple. Also of note is the Ubud Monkey Forest where apart from several Hindu temples you will come across plenty of wild monkeys!

Goa Gajah Front.JPG
DerGenaue AllrounderGoa Gajah FrontCC BY-SA 3.0

Active Pursuits

Adventure-seekers also love visiting Ubud since they can enjoy countryside trekking, cycling tours and birdwatching. For a pure adrenaline rush, nothing beats a thrilling white water rafting experience on the rapids of the Ayung River.

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User: (WT-shared) Shoestring at wts wikivoyage, Bicycle rental, Ubud, BaliCC BY-SA 1.0

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