Why you should visit Kandy

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Being the second largest city in Sri Lanka, Kandy is rich with cultural heritage. Kandy is nestled in between mountains and boasts a lot of greenery along with a cool temperature

Kandy Esala Perahara| Img by: Ashan96 via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0

The Temple of the Tooth Relic

The sacred temple of the tooth, also known as “Dalada Maligawa” is a must see if you visit Kandy. Tourists and locals alike travel several hundred kilometres just to visit this temple as it is both a place of worship among several Sri Lankans and has a great historical and religious value attached to it. Hotels such as the likes of Hotel Topaz are considerably close to this site.

Esala Perahara

This is a pageant of the temple of the tooth, held either in July or August, annually. This glamorous spectacle is a must-see itinerary to anyone visiting the country around the time the pageant occurs.

Botanical Gardens

If strolling through several types of trees and plants is something you enjoy doing, then visiting the Kandy Botanical gardens is a must do! This beautiful stretch of greenery and flowers are a common favourite and is easy to get to from any best hotel in Kandy.

A walk around the city centre

The Kandy lake is an artificial body that beautifully compliments the city and the adjoining temple of the tooth relic. The lake makes for a beautiful walk amongst the hustle of the city, with faint noises of the passing cars and occasional street vendor. Kandy also has plenty of cafes and shopping spots!


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