Why you should visit Sathorn Bangkok – Four gastronomic reasons to visit Sathorn

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Sathorn is usually known for being the central business district of Bangkok and thus speculated to be mundane with its high raises which goes dim with the working hours. But Sathorn holds a gastronomic secret yet to be explored by those visiting the city.


Rocket Coffee Bar

Known for its freshly brewed coffee and artisanal Swedish dishes, Rocket Coffee serves an exciting array dishes such as its homemade silky tofu served cold topped with aubergines, cherry tomato and a variety of tangy dressings.


Short for United Nations of Cocktail Lovers Everywhere U.N.C.L.E is. Standing behind the bar is award-winning mixologist Sebastian de la Cruz serving his signature cocktails such as “The Expat” to an ironically mixed crowd of both locals and expats that gather at this watering hole.


Serving up a unique taste of New Zealand and aptly named as “food” in the Maori language this restaurant holds a menu which imports a majority of their traditionally Kiwi dishes from the islands.


With sustainably sourced ingredients and metropolitan based dishes, Bunker is a casual fine dining restaurant serving up some rad handcrafted beers and cocktails. If you are planning to stay in a hotel in Bangkok Sathorn head over to the Chatrium Residence Sathorn Bangkok which is located just under four kilometres to Sathorn’s food-scene and all these exciting restaurants.

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