Wonders of Bandarawela – A misty town!

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A town situated high up in the hill country and blessed with cool weather, Bandarawela is ideal for enjoying walking trails and taking in sights that are rich with culture and heritage. Keen on learning more fun things about Bandarawela?

Image credit-L ManjuDhowa Raja Maha Vihara 2CC BY-SA 4.0

About the Town

Bandarawela is a busy little town that has much to offer if you’re interested in stories. Once a British colonial town, it was made popular simply based on its climate. But in modern times, people often stay in Bandarawela Hotel because of its accessibility to Nuwara Eliya and Ella.

The Dhowa Rock Temple

Easily identifiable by the 12-metre high Buddha that has been sculpted into the rock and ancient paintings depicting lore from centuries ago. In fact, the temple dates back to the 1st century BC. Myth dictates that there is a secret tunnel underneath the temple that leads to Kandy.

The Church of the Ascension

Constructed in 1908 by British priest Reverend W. J. P. Waltham, it still stands strong in a testament to its design. The church was heavily utilised during the Second World War when the Colombo elite temporarily evacuated to Bandarawela due to fears of Japanese bombs. There are a number of accommodation options in town like Bandarawela Hotel for example.

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