World Horti-Expo Garden Kunming, China – Take a Stroll in an Enchanting Garden!

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The Kunming World Horti- Expo Garden is a spectacularly landscaped garden which houses a wide array of flora and fauna. A major tourist attraction, it’s among one of the must- visit spots in the city.

The Gardens

A significant landmark in Kunming, the botanical garden was host to the Kunming International Horticulture Exposition in October 1999. It covers a total land area of 218 hectares and was designed to reflect harmony between man and nature. A large collection of gardening work and horticulture from all over China and the world are displayed here.


The Kunming World Horti- Expo Garden is located in the north-eastern suburbs of the city. The garden is easily accessible from any Green Lake hotel in Kunming including the likes of Grand Park Kunming. A private vehicle or taxi can be hired to visit, if not, there are plenty of bus lines which will drop interested parties at the location.

Things to See

The garden is currently divided into five large halls, three outdoor showplaces, and seven special gardens. Visitors can see themed gardens such as the bamboo garden, bonsai plants garden among a range of beautifully maintained exhibits.

Useful Information

The Expo Garden opens daily from 8.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. daily. Ticket per person is CNY 100 and can be purchased at the entrance. While the garden can be visited throughout the year, spring and summer are considered the best times to do so as many types of flowers will be in full bloom.

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