Yaowarat Road – China Town of the Thai Capital

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Spreading through this bustling road with bright neon signs calling out to the tourists and passersby in LED lit Chinese characters is Thailand’s very own strip of Chinatown.

Image Credit-Jacob Siverskog, Chinatown bangkokCC BY-SA 2.5

How to get there

For you sky train fanatics, the Sukhumvit line comes up to the Siam after which you could hop on a bus ride which takes less than 20 mins to get Yaowarat. Within Sukhumvit, hotels near sky train include Adelphi Suites which is just a stroll away from the Nana station. Once you get to Yaowarat always have the option of grabbing a bike if you aren’t ready to walk the entire stretch.

At Yaowarat Durian is optional

The street market like the rest of Bangkok features the debate inducing durian fruit for those of you looking to experience this exotic custardy fruit. Of course, with the many pungent smells of spices and seafood floating around, you could completely stay away from the durian altogether.

Take home

This is the best place to shop for those who want to take a piece of Thailand home with them. From goodies of the far east to local Thai delicacies, this road is a literal journey through Thailand’s, Chinese culture.


There are plenty of tours that explore this street and the rest of Bangkok which includes the bicycle tour which will take you through Yarowat and nearby tourist destinations.

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