A canoe adventure journey down the Black River in Sri Lanka – An adventure to cherish

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Canoeing in Black River will offer you some of the rare and rewarding experiences. You’ll have the opportunity to witness the untouched beauty of Sri Lanka and lifestyles of people in the riverine villages.

Image by Peter in sKalu River 2CC BY-SA 3.0

Black River

The Black River, measuring 129 km in length flows through the Kalutara District and Ratnapura. It is relatively a slow flowing river offering an ideal location for canoeing. Here the only sound that you hear will be your paddle dipping into the calm water and the chirpings of birds. In addition, you’ll able to witness sand collectors’ little houses surrounded by palm trees.

The tour

The first part of the journey is quite easy, and it does not require special canoeing skills. The riverside village of Kiriella will be the first signpost in your journey. Once you pass Kiriella, you’ll reach the ‘City of Gems’ known as Ratnapura. Once you go downstream you will see how the locals are involved in fishing. If you’re residing one of the many hotels in Kalutara the likes of Turyaa Kalutara, you can easily map a canoeing trip along the Black River.

What to see

The journey will take you through the tranquil waters of the Black River amidst diverse birdlife. You are bound to have fascinating insights into the villager’s lifestyles. You can receive blessings by visiting one of the most sacred shrines dedicated to God Saman called the ‘Saman Devale’.

An education in tranquillity

It’s a fun-filled experience to canoe along the Black River’s tranquil waters. From many intriguing temples, historic attractions to diverse bird species, it’s indeed a therapeutic escape from the chaos of the bustling city life.


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