A cracking good time for scuba divers – A paradise for scuba divers

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The diversity and density of underwater fauna in Maldives have made this beautiful island paradise one of the most popular destinations for divers. Read on to know some of its best dive sites.

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The Fotteyo Kandu

The Fotteyo Kandu at the Vaavu Atoll is a very popular dive site that you should definitely visit. Don’t scratch this off your list. The site has plenty of colourful coral and fish, your eyes need to behold with all its natural beauty. The place includes caves, overhangs, and swim-throughs that is laced with soft yellow corals.

Kandooma Thila

Kandooma Thila is another famous dive site that you should not miss. It is home to some of the artistic scenes and an interesting marine life. Around the pinnacle, you can see for yourself some soft corals layering the walls which are often visited by the big-eyed trevally and the red bass fish. Those who are residing at a Maldives hotel the likes of Kandolhu Maldives can plan a memorable dive excursion to witness the magnificent underwater world in Kandooma Thila.

Broken Rock

Broken Rock at the South Ari Atoll is a unique place which has been naturally crafted by a canyon that separated the reef into two sections. What to look for? Large fan corals, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, eels, scorpion fish and so on. There are more to witness!

Kudarah Thila

This fascinating dive site is a protected area and it is home to small reef filled with plenty of soft corals and marine life. Make sure to take with you a dive light to explore the large overhang and the arch making the place quite unique and marvelous.



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