A Visit to the End of the World – Cape of Saint Vincent

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Cabo de São Vicente or the Cape of Saint Vincent is the south-westerly edge of Europe and is hence referred to as The End of the World, at least until the 14th century.


If you’re staying at Tivoli Marina Portimao Algarve Hotel or another similar hotel in Portimao Portugal, it’s approximately 1-hour drive to the Cape of St. Vincent. If you’re travelling from Sagres or Lagos, there’s a public bus service operating to and from the attraction.

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peterichman from York, Yorkshire, Cape St Vincent …Portugal (34182200795)CC BY 2.0


The lighthouse on the edge of the cliff was constructed in the place of an old Franciscan monastery, believed to hold the bones of Saint Vincent.

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Colijn VerkempinckCape St. Vincent LighthouseCC BY-SA 4.0


The cliffs rise to 75 meters over the stunning blue Atlantic Ocean offering magnificent, unhindered views of the surrounding landscapes. The lighthouse stands at a height of 24 meters.

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Dr.G.Schmitz, Leuchtturm Algarve 20060422CC BY-SA 3.0


There’s a wide variety of birds that nest on this cliff from Bonelli’s eagle, kites, rock thrushes, peregrine falcons, storks, rock pigeons and herons.

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Jose A.Cabo de San Vicente (Portugal) (25011135260)CC BY 2.0

Saint Vincent

Legend has it that the body of the 4th century martyred Iberian deacon was brought to shore here. It was told that his shrine was always guarded by ravens. Following the exhumation of his body in 1173, the relics were shipped to Lisbon – still guarded by the ravens. The symbol of which has been depicted on Lisbon’s coat of arms.

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