Ang Thong Marine National Park – The Bond Between the Man and Nature!

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Ang Thong Marine National park is a park that consists of 42 pristine islands that are located in the Gulf of Thailand. Each of the islands is unique and most of them are covered in tropical forests and are surrounded by pristine white sand beaches.

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GiggleAunAngthong National Marine Park 100 m. View pointCC BY-SA 3.0

The Islands

The islands of Ang Thong Marine National Park are located close to each other and feature towering limestone mountains, thick forests, small lakes, coves, and even waterfalls! Each of the islands has its own distinctive attraction along with a diverse range of flora and fauna that are worth exploring.

Things to do and see

The islands allow its visitors to indulge in some of the most spectacular sceneries in all of Thailand and visitors can engage in a plethora of fun activities during their stay in any of these islands. Some of the things to do in Samui and Ang Thong region include snorkelling, hiking, diving, sea kayaking.

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martin.ale, Ang Thong marine national Park – panoramioCC BY-SA 3.0

Food and Lodging

You can savour traditional as well as international cuisine at the park’s main restaurant. The park also has five bungalows that are different in sizes with a relatively low cost. You can get a two-bedroom cottage for as low as 500baht. However, you cannot expect a resort style stay here. If you are looking for an accommodation that offers you a cosy and comfortable stay, Sunset Coast Samui Resort & Villas, being located close to the park is a good option to consider.

Image Credit: Sunset Coast Samui Resort & Villas

Other things to Know

You can reach by a tour boat or a speedboat from the mainland and your admission fee to the park is normally included in your tour package. If it is not included, adults have to pay 300 baht and children under 12 are charged 150baht. Wear a proper sunscreen to avoid yourself from sunburns. Be vigilant of your surroundings all the time and be more cautious if you are bringing your children with you.

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