Are you looking for the best views in Brisbane? – things to do at Mt. Coo-tha

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Wondering what Mt Coo-tha has to offer? To start off, the Aborigines obtained honey from stingless bees in the past from this mountain, it is also where the TV stations have their towers located. Furthermore, to the people in the area, Mt Coo-tha is the closest place for a hike to take in some amazing views.

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The view

Mt. Coo-tha is the nearest peak to CBD and is just perfect to get a glimpse of the city’s skyline. For the best experience head over to the observation deck at dawn. Read the history of the town while you walk across and get a closer look at Moreton Bay from the telescope.

Dine at a café on the hilltop

There are a few restaurants and cafes on the way to the top of the mountain. If all that climbing has got your appetite built up, hop into one of the cafes and enjoy some warm scrumptious dishes. Don’t forget to marvel at the views too.

The best bushwalks

Need to be closer to nature? Mt Coo-tha offers several bushwalk routes to experience. Make sure you select the route best suited according to your level of experience. Observe the surroundings around you as you keep climbing.


At the foot of the mountain is a lovely waterfall called the JC Slaughter Falls. By the falls is a great clearing for a picnic with family or friends or even a game of cricket. So, grab those snacks and head over! If you are on the lookout for hotels in Brisbane CBD, try hotels like Oaks 212 Margaret.

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