Arts and crafts in Sri Lanka – For the Artsy ones!

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Sri Lanka is a nation that has a proud history of craft and art. This could be witnessed at many of the country’s popular historical sites and museums. Wherever you go around the country you could see minute works of arts such as handicrafts to magnificent statues of Lord Buddha which are all depictions the country’s art culture.


Sri Lankan arts and crafts are drastically influenced by India since there have been many connections between both the countries since ancient times. Today, upon visiting Sri Lanka you would find a variety of unique pieces of art made from simple items such as coconut shells, bamboo and pieces of wood.


Dambulla Buddha caves| Img by: McKay Savage via Flickr,CC BY 2.0

Sri Lanka is a nation that is home to a variety of paintings that are known the world over a few of the finest. Sites such as Sigiriya, the Dambulla caves, the temple of the tooth in Kandy and the national museum are some of the places where you can witness the magnanimity of Sri Lankan art. You could visit these sites by signing up for a four with any of the tour organizers in Sri Lanka the likes of Travel Design by CDC


Masks| Img via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY 4.0

Known by the locals as “Vesmoona” These are masks made from word and are painted in vibrant colours. These are mainly used by the locals during healing rites and rituals and the faces of the masks depict the devil. These masks could be purchased at local boutique shops and can be kept as souvenirs.


Handloom was reserved for the royal families as an exclusive privilege during the ancient times and also, only a few of the villages were allowed to practice this craft. But today it is generally found all over the island being carried out by the locals as an entrepreneurial activity. Some of the handloom products you’ll find at the many boutique shops are saris and garments, cushion covers, curtains and even decorative items,




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