Attidiya Bird Sanctuary Sri Lanka – Rejoice with nature!

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An idyllic environment to get your soul one with nature! Visit the Attidiya Bird Sanctuary for a relaxing and yet enjoyable experience.

Siyad A Karim, Forest birds of  Bird Sanctuary by Siyad A Karim 02, CC BY-SA 4.0


Located in the outskirts of the bustling city of Colombo the Attidiya Bird Sanctuary is an idyllic place which nature lovers will definitely love. The sanctuary’s ecosystem is composed of marshes and a land with mildly dense vegetation that is home to a variety of flora and fauna.

Why there are so much of birds here?

Sri Lanka is located close to the tropics right in the middle of the migratory route of many tropical birds is a good place for a stopover for these itinerant birds. Ecosystems like these are excellent locations for these birds to rest and to find food.

Getting there and accommodation option

Located close to the city of Colombo, with accommodation options the likes of Siddhalepa Anarva Mt. Lavinia which is a city hotel in Colombo, getting here is pretty easy by a taxi. You can also book a safari through the sanctuary by contacting a local tour operator.

Things to do

The ecosystem is an excellent location for nature photographers due to the scenic views and the occupants you could find here (birds and animals). This place will also be a utopia for birdwatchers and just being here enjoying the sound of nature will be a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

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