Bali Safari and Marine Park – Get the Adventure of a Lifetime

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The experience of riding on an elephant back is truly unforgettable and it will certainly add colour and an unusual vibe to your next tropical vacation.


Bali Safari and Marine Park is located in Gianyar, Bali, spanning over 60 hectares. The park is home to more than 400 animals from three different regions of the world; Indonesia, India and Africa.

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Walter LimBali Safari & Marine ParkCC BY 2.0

The Bali Elephant back safari

The Bali Elephant back safari is simply an extraordinary and exhilarating experience for the entire family. Those who wish to make the most out of this adrenaline-filled experience can choose to stay at Bali resorts such as the conveniently located Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort.

What to expect

Bali’s Safari and Marine Park is a combination of a theme park and a zoo and has packages that highlight its animal exhibits and other attractions. Visitors here can get to see Orangutans, Komodo Dragons, a white tiger, many small mammals, birds, the endangered Bali mynah and others in areas that resemble their natural habitats.

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Yogwi21Bali Safari Animal 2CC BY-SA 3.0

Stay among safari animals in Bali

Be informed of the animals showcased in the park, activities, and packages available by going through the information on the park’s website. Plan and budget your day so that it can be a pleasant and informative experience.

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