Discover the City of Pattaya – Thailand’s Hidden Gem


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Wondering if Pattaya is worth a visit? Read on to discover what the city’s like and what attractions there are to explore.

On the Map

Where’s Pattaya located you ask? It’s situated in the province of Chonburi and lies on the eastern coast, right by the Gulf of Thailand. A road trip to Pattaya by car from the country’s capital city of Bangkok should take you about two or so hours to complete.

What about Accommodation?

From budget hotels, hostels and guesthouses, to reasonably priced Pattaya beach resort options such as AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa, there’re plenty of choices. Low-cost choices provide just the basic facilities, giving you the freedom to spend your money on the activities and luxuries that are most important to you. On the other hand, high-end establishments pamper you from head to toe and ensure that everything’s taken care of.

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Image Credit: AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa

What’s it Like?

It’s a resort destination, which means that there’s quite a touristy vibe to it. As a result, there are a great many hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other recreational venues and activities for you to enjoy. The atmosphere here is a curious mix of local and international, due to the large influx of foreign tourists and local workers from neighbouring cities.

Local Attractions

Activities such as watersports, go-karting and golfing are popular here, and excluding Pattaya Beach, most of the city’s main attractions revolve around animal, botanical and adventure parks. Examples of places you can visit include the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Elephant Village and Cartoon Network Amazone (a theme park). The Sanctuary of Truth, which is located by the ocean, is a must-visit for those staying in the city, as it’s arguably Pattaya’s most iconic landmark.

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Brenden BrainNong NoochCC BY-SA 3.0

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